Behind the brand

Welcome to our creative studio for all things handmade! EcoNen is a business based on being environmentally responsible.

Handmade to order

To keep our carbon footprint low, we only make things in small batches or upon purchase. Our packaging also consists of recycled or biodegradable materials.

Made with love

EcoNen’s handmade products are made with a genuine love for creation with a motive to bring more meaning and value to what/who we support and how it’s made.

Creating is a distraction from reality and allows us to share what makes us happy. There is so much room for everyone and we believe that we can all grow together as a community.


Although the supplies we use to create our products are not eco friendly on their own, we remain mindful about our environment by creating quality-made jewelry/accessories that support the slow fashion movement. 

We are big fans of regifting, which is why our tag line is “handmade gifts and accessories” Gifting your preloved EcoNen item is more sustainable, and who doesn’t love gifts? 

Shopping small businesses are also important to us when purchasing our supplies, tools, packaging, and more.

Working with polymer clay

Every clay package we use comes in plastic packaging which we keep in a container to repurpose. To reduce wasting clay, every scrap piece is mixed with other scraps to create custom colors. To go one step further, we decided to skip drilling holes into baked pieces and start making them before they are baked. That way we can mix even the tiniest bits of clay into the custom colors that we mentioned.

We also try to make every clay piece perfect to our standards to minimize sanding. 

By doing these alternatives, we can reduce our emissions and keep our promise of being earth friendly.